Assignments for 8th Grade Middle School Business Education and Computer Science Education
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8th Grade Repeaters: Video of the Day:

You're On Your Own x2!

In this personal finance simulation, you will try to make it on their own in any of twelve communities from coast- to-coast and you’re in complete control of their finances.

Youl’ll practice the financial skills needed to be independent and learn to live on a budget while making real-life decisions.

Mom and dad are not going to help you with this game.  Can you survive.  Make sure you plan for those unexpected problems.

LOOK for this file on your computer DESKTOP


EQ: What new science term did they talk about or what's an interesting fact you learned?
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Lesson 1 / JavaScript Cards Repeaters do Ignition - Language Arts and Social Studies Lessons for Grades 5-6
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ighth grade BizKid students are going to be immersed in business training that will stretch their imagination and creativity.  They will be asked to create three imaginary companies.  Their work must be innovative and passion driven.  Please Click HERE to see some of these awesome companies.  Students will learn about advertising, marketing and competition issues from people like Warren Buffet and the Federal Trade Commission (*site: You Are Here Questions!)  Each scenario will have its own challenges.  In one situation, students even get to play the super game of Virtual Business (VB).

I am personally excited about all the different ways we will look at how companies work and thrive.  Look for every opportunity to stay engaged and use the slight edge approach to become entrepreneur in everything you do. - Mr. Hames

 *Entrepreneurs can Change the world video

What does it mean to be ino-ventive? Try to combine inovative and inventive at the same time and you have ino-ventive.  Check out this cool site from that might help you invent something new. Your new business will need a business plan.  Use the Warren Buffet Business plan or the Bizkids Business Plan.

Copyright Issues Pre-test... [ online tutorial] -Quiz

Creative?  How do you protect your creation?

MP3 Court Cases in the News.. Overview the following articles:

Click on the link above then: Search for Copyright

Writing a BusinessPlan.... Using the Secret Millionaires Club Competition

How do I create the envelope?

Directions:  Watch the the video then answer the EQ below the video. 


JA Finance Park Virtual will test your decision-making and money management skills in a virtual world. You’ll be given a fictional job, age, income, educational background, and maybe even a spouse and children. During a series of four sessions, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to create and use a budget,!
Money Management: Control Your Cash Flow - Test
Q:  What skills are necessary to become a successful entrepreneur?

SUCCESS for Teens Earns an 'A' (Success Magazine)

A Georgia teacher weaves the SUCCESS Foundation program into his business and computer classes

Snellville Restaurant Holds 'Shark Tank' Competition for Middle Schoolers

Twelve students at Crews Middle School presented marketing ideas to the owner of Pizzeria Venti at the Shoppes at Webb Gin.

SUCCESS Foundation: Knockout Program

SUCCESS for Teens drills down into financial lessons.  

Crews Money Challenges!


You're On Your Own!

In this personal finance simulation, you will try to make it on their own in any of twelve communities from coast- to-coast and you’re in complete control of their finances.

  • Youl’ll practice the financial skills needed to be independent and learn to live on a budget while making real-life decisions.
Mom and dad are not going to help you with this game.  Can you survive.  Make sure you plan for those unexpected problems.

LOOK for this file on your computer DESKTOP

25 pts.


Setting goals is a great way to distinguish you from about 97 percent of the rest of the world.  Yes, if you set goals your are going to be in the top 3 or 4 percent of the world's population who never set goals.  Even better than that is writing down your goals and then making a plan to achieve it.  In the "Quest for Money" game, you will find yourself making a clear goal and then battling down the path to achieve it. 

25 pts.


Need some basic understanding of money?  This is the site for you.  I challenge you to score a 100 on the exam at the end.  Don't forget to print out your results. Lesson Plans

25 pts.


Play Moneytopia!

This is a challenge to set goals and manage your money to meet those goals.

25 pts.


All Terrain Brain logo

Earn 25 badges and learn about being an entrepreneur.  New Link

25 pts.


Run one of 4 different businesses for 6 weeks and make a profit.

25 pts.


Take the challenge.  See if you can survive just ONE month on your own!

Over 14 million people are unemployed.  Now image you are one of them. 

First, your savings are gone.  You lost your home, you are single and you are down to your last $1000.  Accept the challenge.  Can you make it through the month?  Try the game... Spent!

10 pts.

Don't understand all the ads that are on TV and in print?  Look no further.  This is an excellent game to help teach you how marketing works.

10 pts.


Visit "the Mall" and learn the ins and outs of business such as: online security, scams, competition, supply and demand, and much more (see the table of contents).

10 pts.


Life on your own can seem like fun but wait until you try this game.  It is a challenge.

10 pts.


Take the customer's order... Cook the meat for the right time, put the toppings on... Give it to the customer. If it's done correctly, you get a big tip!

It gets hard when there is more than one customer to deal with at once and watch out for the food critic!

10 pts.



20 pts

xtra ideas to get you going... click here

10 pts

It is hot and you are thirsty.  How about some refreshing lemonade?  Sell as much lemonade as you can in 5 days using only the basic ingredients and shrewd  business skills.

15 pts.


Did you like the lemonade game above.  Try this one and sell some lemonade and let me know how much money you made.

10 pts.


Hi Score: Grant Hill $584.90  Dec. 9, 2009

Coffee Anyone?  Purchase supplies, create your coffee recipe, set your price... and start selling!

TIP: You can change your price point during the day! Keep an eye on what potential customers think as they walk by and keep an eye on what your customers think right after they taste the coffee and adjust your price to maximize profits!

15 pts.


High Score:  $549.60 by Jon Austin on Oct.2009

Do you have any Italian blood in you?  This game will tell if you have what it take to make a good pizza.

15 pts.


Set your goal and go shopping.

10 pts.


10 pts.

Challenge your skills at this game of economic missions.  Here is the code you will need to sign in to our class:

6ce8ca 8a212
ed8bc2 8b212
50 pts.


How do I create a music video?

Earn 25 badges and learn about being an entrepreneur.  New Link

On Your Own Pre-Test

EQ:  What skills are necessary to create a dynamic/multi-media website?
Have you ever wanted to start your own business?  Here is a great and easy website that will get you up and running in minutes.

Why start an online business? (video)

How do I ...

Register for VSE? | Purchase/Sell Stocks? |

How do I create a (an)?

| Business Card? | Envelope? | Spreadsheet Portfolio | Business Letter |



Pursue your passions

Jade... What did you learn? Take the Entrepreneur Quiz         

Read the comic strip to find out what company she wanted to start.

Before you begin, check out this LOGO web page full of company logos that set each company apart from the rest.

Now, can you design your own company logo?


Model the Master: | Walt Disney | Harley Davidson | Milton Hershey | The Google Boys| Google - | BigMac-Inside the McDonald's Empire -    See other entrepreneurs at







A website can be a complex task.  To start your website begin with the basics.  Read some good company slogans here.  Another great site to visit to get ideas is ( )

Take the Quiz.

 Entrepreneurs and the Economy [pdf]  This publication from the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank is an excellent document that communicates what entrepreneurship is all about.  Click the following link to answer questions from the book.  Also included is the PDF document.  However, I have provided a copy of the book in the class for your reading.  Take the Quiz.

Start Your New Business Website in Flash

Starting a new business is no easy task.  However the rewards are huge.  These slides will help you make the process of making a website in Flash much easier.

The classic lemonade game is a great games that will help stuHi Score: Grant Hill $584.90  Dec. 9, 2009dent learn the value of money as well as understanding how to price a product and purchase supplies.  The Coffee Shop is another great game to learn valuable entrepreneurship skills.


Resource Site for Kids Starting a Business

    Here is a quote from the site: "Teaching children about business at a young age is important for the future of business as a whole. When kids are taught the specific lessons of money management and organizational skills, they can not only apply their skills towards building a business for themselves, but they can also apply the skills they have learned to their personal lives."  This is a great link to business sites.

Teaching Cyber Safety

    What is cyber safety all about?  How can I protect my personal computer and remain safe myself in this digital environment?  Create a comic about what you have learned and print it out.

Exploring Computers Work Sheet

    As a quick review of basic desktop publishing (DTP) skills, students create a brochure covering a variety of computer terms and knowledge. 
What are the Roles of a Business?
    Almost all businesses perform the same basic 7 roles.  This assignments allows you to review these roles and helps guide you into the world of business ownership.
Creating a Grand Opening Flyer/Brochure
    Students create a document that is folded twice and serves the purpose as a promotion items for the grand opening of their business or branch store. 
Plan a Party
    It has been a hard first month but your business has survived it first true test.  It has prospered for four hard weeks.  Its time to show your appreciation to your customers and employees. 
Construct a Realistic Business Check
    Being able to design and construct a realistic check gives each student an opportunity to experience desktop publishing.  Students also learn the essential parts of a check and quickly grasp the fun of handling large sums of money.
Make Gift Certificates
    Each student creates a gift certificate to use with their business letters.  The design and layout of the certificate provides more opportunities to show off business flair and marketing ability.

Design and Send a Memo
    Learning to write interoffice correspondence is a key to a successful communication with employees.  Each student learns the basic formatting rules for designing and writing a memo.
Produce a Fax Cover Sheet
    Understanding about fax transmission can be a good starting point for the introduction of the Internet.  The design of a fax cover sheet also gives students an opportunity to use their business stationery.

Design Business Cards
    Students design and printout one set of business cards to be used with their business letters.  Each student is given a choice of numerous styles and colors of business card paper.  One sheet of stock paper contains 10 perforated blank business cards.
Build Company Letter Head

See how some famous entrepreneurs got their start running businesses when they were young.
    A vital part of any business is the correspondence with customers and other important participants in the business.  It is therefore critical that a company designs appropriate and impressive company stationery.
Letter Head Example
    Shown here is a typical letter head design.  Each person is responsible for creating stylish company letter head that contains the basic facts about their company.
Write Several Business Letters
    Writing is one of the primary means of communication for a business.  Students are asked to write several letters to customers, employees, vendors, or other people associated with their company.
    Your letters won't ge far unless you put them in an envelope and mail them.  Make sure you fill in all parts so the post person can deliver it to the correct person. 

Start Your New Business Website in Frontpage

A website can be a complex task.  To start your website begin with the basics.  Read some good company slogans here.  Another great site to visit to get ideas is ( )


Spread Sheet Unit

Input Salary Report

    In this project students create a report using a spread sheet field embedded into company stationery.  Each student must think of their top employees and provide a statement of salary and benefit amounts.  They also must create a graph from this spread sheet.
Prepare Product Report
    This project shows current levels of products on hand.  The report is also done on company stationery and a graph from the spread sheet is created.

Healthy Schools Project

How do I add music and the skip button?

How do you finish the FLASH Project?


Web Site Design Unit

Internet Parent Permission Letter

    Students are given the opportunity to publish their company Internet web site.  However, before their site is published, a parent permission form must be signed.
Internet PreTest (All 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Students)
    To get an idea of how much students know about the Internet, a pretest is given to each student.  Try each question even if you are unsure about the answer.
Internet Article Questions
    This article was written for the typical person who knows just the basics about the Internet.  It defines many of the most popular terms associated with the Internet.  It also briefly explains the history of the Internet.
Directions for ** Constructing ** a "Business Web Site" 
    Students are asked to create several Internet pages with the purpose of promoting their company.  Each of these pages must contain a wide variety of key elements.  The requirements for making your own business web site is extensive and should be carefully reviewed with the teacher in class.  Please follow the directions of the instructor closely.
Internet Publishing...
    Each student is required to write a brief description about what they are publishing.  On this page is a list of things that might be included in the description.

    [End of Year Activities]


Related Business Sites...

AJC Article (cover pg.)    |Crews Business Video Vault|All Terrain Brain logo


All Terrain Brain

All Terrain Brain (ATB) is a multimedia project designed to get 8-to 12-year-old kids to take their brains “off road” and tap into their entrepreneurial spirits.


Hi Score: Grant Hill $584.90  Dec. 9, 2009High Score:  $549.60 by Jon Austin on Oct.2009
All Terrain Brain logo Biz Kid$ Television Series - Language Arts and Social Studies Lessons for Grades 5-6 

8a Website Spotlight

8b Websites Spotlight

  Spotlight Site:
  Spotlight Site: 
Web Design Assignment Desktop Publishing Assignments
Website Assignment

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Why should RCT3 be used to teach business skills?
  1. Evaluating Software From a Learning-Theory Perspective

  2. Video Games Teach Personal Finance



Other links of interest:



BizKid Videos of the Day

Today's Video

EQ:   What are the 4 p's of marketing?  Give an example of each? Product, Price, Place, Promotion. 
Have you ever wanted to start your own business?  Here is a great and easy website that will get you up and running in minutes.
Hour of Code - Login

EQ:  What skills are necessary to create a dynamic/multi-media website?

Guess the corporate logos and what do these businesses sale?

MoneySKILL is a FREE online reality based personal finance course for young adults developed by the AFSA Education Foundation. This interactive curriculum is aimed at the millions of middle school students who leave our schools each year without a basic understanding of money management fundamentals.
You will be learning in this order:  Paying for What We Buy, Tracking Expenses and Budgeting, Using a Checking Account, Expenses for Food and Clothing, Saving, Credit Cards, and Earned Income and Skill Demand.

Possible Roller Coaster Plans


BrainPops are a great way to learn a rather complex subject but with a simple explanations.  Let Tim and Mobi do the teaching and you do the listening and learning.  Remember to take the graded quiz when the video ends.

2012-13 Second nine weeks Business Websites

8a Website Submissions

8b Websites Submissions

Sierra 8A 
Keval 8A 
Mari 8A 
Desmond 8A 
Guillermo 8A 
Qahir 8A 
Samuel 8A 
cameron 8A 
Aya 8A 
Sidney 8A 
Admin 8A 
Jhana 8A 
Bailey 8A 
Tasmi 8A 
Dennis 8A 
Emily 8A 
Trae 8A 
Nehemiah 8A 
Qahir 8A 
Vanessa 8A 
Jhana 8A 
Ramez 8A 
Jhana 8a
Qahir 8a


Michael 8B 
Hailey 8B 
Brendan 8B 
Nick 8B 
Daniel 8B 
Dawson 8B 
Abby 8B 
Katherine 8B 
Tori 8B 
Andra 8B 
Hailey 8B 
Brendan 8B 
Abby 8B 
Trevor 8B 
Tori 8B 
Jnae 8B 




Internet Safety Quiz
This reading assignment is a great read for anyone looking to stay safe online.  Here is a quiz that relates to this FTC publication.

Online Quiz

We are proud to be a Fuel Up to Play 60 School! 

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8th -Typing Web - Certificate Levels

100 Master:         75 - 77 wpm
95  Expert:           63 - 70 wpm
90 Professional:  50-56 wpm
80 Advanced:      38-49 wpm
75 Proficient:        25 -37 wpm
70 Standard:        12 -24 wpm
50 beginner:     below 12 wpm

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